Pull-Out Tutoring

Students who are having difficulty in class are pulled out for some extra help one-on-one with a tutor.

A young Hindi student just moved to the US from India and was placed in a mainstream English elementary school. She had difficulty understanding what was going on. She was therefore scheduled at a certain time each day to leave class and go work with a tutor.

Specific Skills for Professionals

Some professionals in businesses have difficulty being understood. They need a special tutor to help with pronunciation or specific fine-tuning of skills.

A business executive who worked as an interpreter for several different languages, also helped with customer service. Sometimes his coworkers had difficulty understanding him. His boss hired an accent coach to help him with pronunciation.

Online Tutoring

Students are taught one-on-one through Skype, MSN Messenger or another video chat or messaging program.

An online company hires native English speaking teachers in the U.S.to tutor Koreans living at home in Korea. Over an online connection tutors correct students’ sentence structure, pronunciation, and speaking and listening skills.

Test Preparation Tutoring

Helping students prepare for tests to get better grades and pass them sooner. Many ESL/EFL students need to take major tests to accomplish certain tasks.

An international student hires a personal tutor to help him prepare for the TOEFL. Several ESL students do this in order to get a score high enough to be admitted to a university.

Peer Tutoring

Students help each other learn. These tutors are usually in the same class, or have taken the same class before.

A university student who was doing very well in her classes helped members of her class understand the material. They got together outside of class.

Tutoring with an Organization

Students either make appointments or just walk in for tutoring help.

An ESL tutoring lab or writing center associated with a university. This kind of tutoring is often more structured than some. Tutors help students with homework from their ESL classes.

Random Extra Help Tutoring

ESL students ask native English speakers around them for help whenever they need it.

An ESL student stopped an American girl at a bus stop and asked her to help with editing and correcting a paper.